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One of the biggest trends in video right now is the tilt-shift effect. You know those videos where people look like miniature toys, running around at hyper speed? That’s a quintessential tilt-shift effect video!

Now, you may be wondering, how is it possible to shrink down all those big construction machines, boats and helicopters? Well, it’s a perceptual illusion caused by the tilt-shift effect. Let’s dig a little deeper to explain.

Without getting too complicated, the physics of light and the mechanics of the human eye result in certain patterns in our everyday visual perception. For example, a scenic hillside view will appear to have a large depth of field, meaning most everything in the field of view appears in focus. Conversely, when your eyes focus on a nearby object, only that object will appear in focus while everything else in your frame of view will be blurry. (This is known as a narrow or shallow depth of field!) Over time, your brain learns to use depth of field as a visual cue that indicates an objects’ distance.

What does all this crazy science mean? It explains why tilt-shift videos make large objects like vehicles, trees, and even people appear miniature-like. Keep in mind that almost every tilt-shift video has a narrow depth of field. Namely, only a small zone of the whole video frame is in focus. This makes us perceive the subject matter as being minuscule. It’s akin to watching a trail of ants– only a portion of your field of view will be in focus. With time, your brain is trained to associate depth of field with an objects’ distance.

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Can you believe that you can fly ?!

I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies) is an amazing journey into the unknown.

Two friends test the boundaries of free flight and friendship as they take their passion in a totally new direction.
Join Tancrède and Julien on an incredible exploration into the world of free flight. The two friends are pioneers in ‘highlining’ – a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking. Using their skills and experience as climbers, the pair push their boundaries beyond the realms of possibility as they embark on a new evolution of their sport.

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Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth

Who would have thought traveling to outer space could be such a profound experience? OK, probably everybody, but these former astronauts really articulate it in a way that was just a little mind-blowing.

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“When the iron bird flies and the horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world and the Dharma will come to the land of the white men”

Padmasabhava 1300 years ago

“Lama 24H” is a record of Lama Ole’s special activity, his unique life and the effects of his life-long intensive work all over the world. This film also documents those unique times in the history of mankind when Buddha’s teachings – which used to be available to a few inhabitants of the Himalayas – became accessible to thousands of people in the West, giving their lives profound meaning.

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LIght Show at Hayward Gallery

Light has the power to affect our state of mind as well as alter how we perceive the world around us, and Light Show includes some of the most visually stimulating artworks created in recent years. It also includes rare works not seen for decades and re-created specially for the Hayward Gallery.

Light Show explores the experiential and phenomenal aspects of light by bringing together sculptures and installations that use light to sculpt and shape space in different ways. The exhibition showcases artworks created from the 1960s to the present day, including immersive environments, free-standing light sculptures and projections.

From atmospheric installations to intangible sculptures that you can move around and even through, visitors can experience light in all of its spatial and sensory forms. Individual artworks explore different aspects of light such as colour, duration, intensity and projection, as well as perceptual phenomena. They also use light to address architecture, science and film, and do so using a variety of lighting technologies.

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Welcome to Salford Quays

Please enjoy my mash-up video about Salford Quays, pleace where I live.

Salford Quays is an area of Salford, Greater Manchester, England, near the end of the Manchester Ship Canal. Previously the site of Manchester Docks, it became one of the first and largest urban regeneration projects in the United Kingdom following the closure of the dockyards in 1982. t is Britain’s hottest short-break destination and packs everything you can do in a big city into one spectacular square mile. High-end media facilities, shopping malls , sport & leisure centres, art, drama, history and truly world-class architecture

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forms :: potential :: technology – mashup

Please enjoy my mashup promoting this blog’s tagline!

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